Get Paid $10-$15 visiting Websites

Become a Web User Tester and get paid to test out websites and describe how they function through either a webcam or microphone. The Test normally takes  no longer than 15 minutes to completes, not bad for $10 right! 
How it works 

  1. You record a video screen cast of your visit to the clients web asset  and narrate your thoughts and impressions as you navigate through it and complete a series of tasks.
  2. You answer a number of simple survey questions online and provide suggestions as to how the site can be improved.
  3. You’ll earn $10-$15

You will Need;
  • A DSL or higher speed broadband Internet connection
  • A fully operable PC or Mac
  • A fully operational USB or plug-in microphone/ telephone
  • A valid email address
  • A valid PayPal account for payments

 Website Usability Testing Jobs:


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